If you are sourcing textile and clothing manufacturing solutions the demands of challenging industry scrutiny in recent times are not new to you. In fact it has become increasingly harder to ensure global corporate standards for CRS are adhered to and maintained throughout the supply chain.

Players across different segments have now entered the eco-friendly and ethical production front yet somehow making ethical sourcing decisions continues to be a challenge for the fashion industry.
Textile and Clothing Industry innovative business strategies increasingly prioritize CSR as a critical success factor accounting for financial impact from environmental and social investment, RESET reports.  

Did you know?

Due to open in 2020 our Fashion and design museum to celebrate the textile industry of northern Portugal already featured in Forbes.

Textile, clothing exports up 5%, beating 2020 sector target of €5bn.

4 facts that make Portugal a sustainable sourcing textile and clothing solution
#1 Employee & Labour Relations Practices

A nation at the forefront when it comes to respecting human rights Portugal is a Party in most Universal and regional Human Rights covenants, every Council of Europe protocols and covenants, as well as United Nations, International Labour Organization, UNESCO, Hague Conference on Private International Law, amongst others.

Did you know?

Portugal was the first country to abolish slavery 250 years ago in 1761.

Our nation was also a human rights pioneer in Europe abolishing the death penalty in 1867.

#2 Environmental Compliance

All companies in Portugal have to comply with environmental legislation in order to be able to operate. Over the years Portuguese apparel and textile industry have worked towards harmonizing systems, procedures and process with European Union and ISO environmental standards and we are now up to a stage of implementing coherent and harmonised strategies with the other environmental concerned countries.

Did you know?

84% national companies have invested in reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

71% is the national recycling rate.

#3 Auditable

Yes we know what you expect from us, after all everyone has to be audited and it’s not a last minute job it is a whole year’s labour. Two critical success factors for brands and retailors are traceability across the supply chain and delivering transparent subcontractor information.

Did you know?

Portugal has skilled professionals for auditing Integrated Management Systems of international standards. (ISO 9001, ISO14001, SA8000 and so forth).

#4 Quality

Portugal has currently one of the strongest textile industries in Europe and is known for its expertise in shirts, jerseys, and home textiles with skilled pattern makers and master craftsmanship, the country specializes in high-quality materials and garments.